FAKRA Connectors

Delphi Connection Systems

Delphi FAKRA Connectors consist of radio-frequency (RF) coaxial cable terminals and plastic housings. They are used to connect coaxial cable assemblies without sacrificing quality or performance. Both male and female single and dual position plastic housings are available in the full range of key codes and colors. Right-angle and two-way connectors are currently under development. The Delphi FAKRA terminals are manufactured via an innovative manufacturing process that is more efficient and cost-effective when compared to the traditional screw-machined method. The cable assembly crimp process saves labor and manufacturing floor space. In fact, the process enables Delphi’s FAKRA Connectors to cost less than competitive products and also significantly reduce complete coaxial cable assembly costs. Delphi FAKRA Connectors are designed to meet FAKRA and USCAR (United States Council for Automotive Research) specifications.


  • More efficient and cost-effective than traditional screw-machined alternatives
  • Crimp automation enabled by the use of carrier-fed terminals
  • No connector/terminal pre-assembly required
  • Mate to existing FAKRA devices
  • Optional clip slot included on female connector allows use of standard Delphi clip
  • All standard key codes and colors are available


  • Satellite radios
  • GPS (global positioning systems) navigation
  • Mobile phones
  • Terrestrial radios (AM/FM)