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With increasing consumer demand for more entertainment and data exchange within the automobile, Delphi has collaborated on the development of a Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface between the automotive electrical system and external consumer equipment. Delphi's automotive USB consumer port allows for high rate communications of information and entertainment data including music streaming, audio/video, and passenger convenience systems. The USB interface is on its way to becoming a common automotive standard, prompting OEMs to place multiple ports throughout the vehicle interior for passenger convenience.

A main advantage of the system is that both the OEM and the customer can stay with standard automotive electrical system components and standard USB connectors. There is no need to integrate other hardware or software.


  • Design incorporated illumination as well as a protective cover
  • Uses standard automotive and USB connector components
  • USB interface is specially designed of stainless steel for high mate/un-mate cycles
  • Easily services in case of damage
  • Delphi design is adaptable to USB 2.0 or 1384 (Firewire) connections
  • USCAR-30 compliant
  • Provides customer with greater convenience and helps protect USB
  • Simplifies build and assembly processes
  • Greater convenience for end-user
  • Strong, robust construction, enhances reliability, fewer repairs
  • Repairability
  • Lower warranty costs
  • Higher speed applications
  • USB electrical performance USCAR mechanical and environmental performance


  • Music Streaming (MP3, etc.)
  • Data Exchange
  • Passenger Convenience Data Transfer
  • Voice Recognition Systems
  • Consumer Electronics (charging)
  • Vehicle Diagnostics