HDPC (High Density Printed Circuit) Modular / MIL-C-83527 Connectors

Delphi Connection Systems

Delphi HDPC (High Density Printed Circuit) Modular / MIL-C-83527 Connectors offer versatility of contact styles and pin counts, single-piece contact system, proven mission-critical applications, low engage force, and ease of assembly. This modular design offers numerous possibilities of signal, power contact, and fiber optic terminus combinations for specific customer requirements. Delphi's HDPC family of connectors offers contact spacing of 1.27 mm [.050 in.] and features a modular insulator which is common to three standard shell sizes. The HDPC plug, designed for attachment to a module board, mates with a receptacle which is mounted on a backplane. Terminations are accomplished by reflow soldering. Precision polarization-alignment guides compensate for for as much as 0.76 mm [.030 in.] misalignment between the plug and receptacle. A proven blade (pin) and two-beam (socket) contact system offers low engage forces, yet withstands high vibration and shock levels. Machined aluminum shells provide EMI (electromagnetic interference) shielding, pin protection, and can withstand rough handling experienced during field service. The latest addition to the HDPC family, the plastic HDPC, offers a new, economical, lightweight alternative to aluminum shells, aimed primarily at commercial applications.


  • Modular connector system
  • 3 sizes
    • 2 bay
    • 1 bay
    • 1/2 bay
  • Utilizes Delphi standard 50 mil pitch modular inserts
  • Each single bay module accommodates up to:
    • 152 digital signal contacts
    • 60 high speed digital contacts
    • 30 differential pairs
    • 20 fiber optic contacts
    • 6 size 8 coax contacts


  • Military and commercial avionics
  • High speed data transmissions
  • Ethernet communications
  • Aircraft rack and panel systems