High Speed Digital Data Connectivity Systems


The Delphi High Speed Digital Data (HSDD) Connectivity Systems can help meet the growing demand for in-vehicle interfaces that provide high-speed connections with a wide range of consumer electronics equipment. Currently in production, the system enables camera and video applications used in safety systems, as well as high-speed data exchange between new harness architectures and a bus system for a wide range of applications.


  • Designed for use with all automotive data bus systems
  • Proven technology—USCAR (United States Council for Automotive Research) 30 tested
  • High speed capability for use with wide range of applications without data loss
  • Delphi offers a complete system, including:
    • Data link wiring sets
    • Header with PCB (Printed Circuit Board) solution
    • In-line connection
  • Optimized impedance matching suitable for automotive connector requirements
  • Various cable lengths and wiring outlets orientations possible
    • Angled
    • Straight


  • Automotive data buses
  • Automobile and commercial vehicle applications
  • Consumer applications where delivery of high speed data is needed