J1939 Terminating Resistor

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Today's commercial vehicles monitor many functions critical for the efficient operation of the vehicle. As government regulations increase, the communication requirements of each vehicle will also grow. The Controller Area Network (CAN) provides the critical communication for the on/off road commercial vehicle market. The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) J1939 specification defines electrical system requirements, including a J1939 terminating resistor. This terminating resistor is required to be placed at both ends of the main communication backbone.

The Delphi J1939 terminating resistor is an insert molded resistor end cap which mates to a sealed Delphi GT connection. The resistor blades and mating terminal are gold plated to provide a reliable contact interface. This product provides a cost-effective in-harness option for the CAN system.


  • Cost-effective and space efficient design
  • Complies with SAE J1939 standards
  • Gold plated terminal contact interface for high reliability
  • Sealed connection system for environmental protection
  • Mating connector provides connector seal protection/retention and terminal position assurance (TPA)
  • Robust for use in high vibration and rugged environments
  • East to install/easily replaced in service


  • CAN Bus Systems
  • Electrical/Electronic Architecture
  • Commercial Vehicles: Off-Highway Agricultural and Construction Equipment