Liquid Silicone & Elastomer Technologies

Delphi Connection Systems

Delphi Gum Based Silicone Rubber Sealing Components are an extension of Delphi's product offerings beyond the standard liquid silicone rubber (LSR) technology currently being used. The wide array of Delphi Gum Based Silicone Rubber Sealing Components includes block seals, grommets, cable seals, housings, and more. Delphi's expertise with advanced sealing materials and manufacturing machines includes using a gum based silicone rubber material process. The components are manufactured with unique processing methods, developed in Delphi's Wuppertal, Germany manufacturing facility. Offering a high cut resistance and eliminating the need for manual vision control, gum based silicone rubber components are an expansion of Delphi's current sealing choices, enabling increased quality and cost savings. This technology also supports the development for advanced products with a mechanical pierce in the subsequent processing, including Delphi's small gage cable sealing system and flexible printed circuit (FPC) sealing technology.


  • High performing, gum based silicone rubber material
  • Capable of producing fluor silicone rubber materials
  • Increased quality
  • Cost savings
  • Large, diverse product portfolio


  • Block seals
  • Grommets
  • Cable seals
  • Housings