Multiple Application Electrical Centers (MAPECs )

Delphi Connection Systems

Delphi's Multiple Application Electrical Center (MAPEC) is a modular electrical center available in several versions, enabling the flexibility of having different levels of electrical content with minimal impact on a vehicle's architecture. A MAPEC centralizes the energy distribution system into one location and reduces the need for fuses, relays, and electronic modules – or in some cases eliminates them entirely. The MAPEC concept incorporates power switching and circuit protection for common vehicle content such as headlamps, horn, fuel pump, running lights, starter, etc. into a modular package that plugs into a harness-mounted power distribution block.  The MAPEC architecture provides a standard function module that can be used across multiple vehicle platforms while providing additional packaging space in the junction block for circuit protection and load control of optional vehicle content. Advanced MAPEC versions such as the 2.0 will include smart power solid state switching, which will replace fuses and relays while enabling advanced capabilities such as pulse width modulation (PWM) for variable speed control of cooling fan and HVAC blower motors as well as dimmable interior lighting. Solid state power switching increases the number of common content loads that can be incorporated into a MAPEC, providing the power and signal distribution system architect with increased flexibility while enhancing reliability and overall value.


  • Flexible power switching technology will enable cost-effective addition of more features and functions for the MAPEC 2.0
  • Packaging efficiencies
  • Reduces overall electrical/electronic architecture content and cost
  • Additional packaging options can be added with no serviceability required
  • High reliability
  • Optimized EMI (electromagnetic interference) performance and inrush current control (MAPEC 2.0)
  • Software-controlled current inrush will extend bulb life (MAPEC 2.0)
  • Solid state will allow higher number of switching cycle capability compared to electromechanical relays (MAPEC 2.0)
  • Solid state circuit protection enables protection level to be set specifically to the load and wire gage from lower amps to higher amps
  • Advanced thermal dissipation printed circuit board (PCB) design
  • Full diagnostic system and easy software upgrades via reflashing through a vehicle diagnostic port
  • Potential features may include USB, Bluetooth® connectivity, GSM and GPS wireless reception capabilities


  • Passenger and commercial vehicle electrical/electronic applications.