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The compact Delphi MRS / MIL-C-28748 Connectors allow a maximum number of contacts in the smallest available space, resulting in a high contact density connector. A depenable glass-filled diallyl phthalate body with crimp/removable contacts provides adaptability in a variety of arrangements. Delphi's MRS Connectors are MIL-C-28748 qualified and contain a unique POLARHEX™ center jackscrew. Pin protectors, backshells, dust covers and extended jackscrews are available as accessories.


  • MIL-C-28748 qualified
  • Unique POLARHEX™ center jackscrew
  • Innovative contact retaining clip retention system
  • Size 16 AWG (American Wire Gauge) crimp/removable contacts from 10 to 212


  • Commercial and military airborne equipment
  • Shipboard and undersea systems
  • Rack and panel
  • Umbilical assemblies for control systems
  • Ground support equipment