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Delphi Power Pack Connectors offer high-current/high-power connections for the transportation market. The patented Power Pack portfolio offers two product sizes—the Power Pack 2000 for current demands to 250 amps, and the Power Pack 1000 for current demand to 145 amps. The highlight of the Power Pack family is the terminal system, which allows Power Pack Connectors to mate in either in-line or right-angle direction, which enables easy routing of large cables typical in high-current applications.

Power Pack Connectors meet the increasing demand for highcurrent/ high-power connections systems. High-current/high-voltage sealed systems can be used to help address component electrification issues in hybrid electric vehicles. Commercial vehicles including construction and agricultural vehicles are exposed to extremely harsh environments and the sealing of high-current systems is critical. Power Pack Connectors can also help the transportation market increase plant efficiencies and eliminate labor related to ring terminal systems.


  • High-current carrying capability
    • Power Pack 2000 – 250 amps
    • Power Pack 1000 – 145 amps
  • Hand engage/disengage eliminates the need for tools and reduces manufacturing time
  • Individually sealed terminal cavities for redundant sealing protection
  • Terminal system can mate in the in-line or right-angle direction
  • Connector Position Assurance (CPA) and Terminal Position Assurance (TPA) for superior connection reliability
  • Robust vibration performance in harsh environments


  • Ideal fit for high-current/high-power sealed and unsealed applications in automotive, heavy-duty truck, and construction/agricultural applications
    • Electrical center power feed
    • Electric power steering
    • Front wall pass-through
    • High-current module interface
    • Hybrid vehicle modules
    • In-line for battery cable