Sealed Printed Circuit Board Electrical Centers

Delphi Connection Systems

Delphi Sealed Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Electrical Centers unite Delphi's proven PCB technology within a robust, sealed package. This innovative design — Delphi's first sealed PCB bussed electrical center — enables an environmentally protected electrical center that is capable of providing electronics integration in harsh conditions, such as those found in commercial vehicle, construction, agricultural and specialty vehicle applications. The Delphi Sealed PCB Electrical Centers feature a dispensed polyurethane/silicone foam gasket as well as sealed Delphi GT Connectors and sealed Delphi Metri-Pack Connectors for outstanding resistance to temperature, chemicals and abrasion. The housing can be adapted to meet customer-specific device content or configuration requirements.


  • Exceptional environmental protection of PCB electrical center
  • Flexible mounting, orientation, and location options enable uncomplicated vehicle packaging
  • Capable of future electronics integration
  • Laser etching of the device label
  • Enhanced electrical system performance and functionality


  • Commercial vehicles
  • Specialty vehicles
  • Marine applications
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Construction equipment
  • Automotive applications