Terminals with L-Shaped Crimp Wings

Delphi Connection Systems

Delphi Terminals with L-shaped Crimp Wings are specifically designed for use with small gauge wiring, including 0.13 mm2. The patented (EP 1 993 171 A1) terminals with L-shaped crimp wings enable miniaturization and also automated assembly processes and can be used with both sealed and unsealed applications. The specialized crimp wing design provides separation/disconnection of electrical and mechanical functions of the crimp to optimize the slow motion performance.


  • Enable miniaturization and automated assembly processes
  • Unique L-shaped crimp design allows
  • Mechanical and electrical functionality are disconnected and can be adjusted independently to their optimal crimp heights (compaction rates)
  • Excellent mechanical and electrical functionality
  • Proven, reliable terminal interfaces provide crimp integrity
  • Fully robust crimps show no resistance increase during slow motion bending tests
  • Conventional crimp process is not impacted, since adjustments are incorporated into the terminal design
  • Can be used with several cable insulations


  • Automotive wiring