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Delphi W Series Connectors feature a lightweight stainless steel W metal shell and a WSS-molded flange, non-metal shell to provide high density packaging. They include a diallyl phthalate insert between two stainless steel shells and a latching mechanism via jackscrew coupling and are available with or without mounting flanges. Delphi's W Series Connectors also feature a unique POLARHEX™ center jackscrew and innovative contact retaining clip retention system.


  • W metal shell—lightweight stainless steel
  • WSS—molded flange, non metal shell
  • Unique POLARHEX™ center jackscrew
  • Innovative contact retaining clip retention system


  • Commercial and military airborne equipment
  • Guidance control systems
  • Automated electronic equipment
  • Ground support equipment
  • Cable-to-chassis/cable-to-cable