Waferized Connection System

Delphi Connection Systems

Delphi's Waferized Connection System is a bussed system comprised of small wafer elements which are an integral part of Delphi's miniaturization and optimization activities, enabled by enhanced automation capabilities. The goals of these activities are reduced mass and size, and cost efficient Electrical/Electronic Architecture (E/EA) design. Waferized joint connectors are built from a number of smaller connectors, known as wafers. Delphi's waferized joint connection system design uses smaller wafers (three or four terminal cavities) compared to traditional methods (10 or more cavities). All wafers are independent of each other, with Integrated Secondary Locks (ISL) and features for assembly to the mating connector or housing. This waferization allows harness manufacturers to build more efficiently by eliminating splices and minimizing terminal plugs on the assembly conveyor.


  • Allow the main harness to be partitioned into smaller groups of similar or dissimilar circuits, depending on requirements
  • Common circuits can be bussed many ways and wafers combined to form two-rowed device connectors for enhanced flexibility
  • Designed to be independent of each other to accommodate several product options
  • Can be plugged directly to mating connector or housing, since each wafer is self contained, with orientation and locking features are integral to the wafer design (wafers do not need to be stacked to create a bussed joint connection system)
  • Do not need to be assembled in a specific sequence to function properly, allowing any wafer to be assembled to the housing at any time, improving efficiency of the final harness build
  • Efficient removal


  • Vehicle interior wiring harnesses


  • Delphi Waferized Connection System (PDF)