SMP/SMPM Microwave Connector Series

Delta Electronics
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SMP Connectors DC - 40 GHz

These high performance Subminiature Modular Plug-in style microwave connectors allow devices to be connected in a modular fashion, without the need for cables or threaded coupling mechanisms. Central to the SMP design is the floating female to female "Bullet" adapter. This adapter, available in different lengths, provides the axial and radial float required for the blind-mate, plug-in functionality of the interface. The adapter is mated between 2 male connectors allowing simultaneous multiple microwave interconnectors with a minimum center to center spacing of .170 of an inch. This series is ideal for high density module to module or board to board interconnects. Delta's SMP series is designed in accordance with DSCC 94007, 94008 and MIL-STD-348A.

SMPM Series Connectors DC - 65 GHz

Similar in functionality to the SMP series, the SMPM series is 30% smaller in size and offers an operational frequency range of DC to 65 GHz. Center to center mounting spacing is also reduced to .140 of an inch. Giving the SMPM series a distinct advantage in higher density module to module and board to board microwave applications.

Developed for applications in Phased Array Radar systems, Airborne Radar, Ground Radar, Shipboard Radar and Active Antennas. The SMP/SMPM series address the High Density Modular packaging requirements of the Aerospace, Defense, Telecom and Instrumentation markets.

These connectors are machined to exacting tolerances and the highest quality standards on modern CNC turning centers, and assembly is tightly controlled and monitored to ensure peak consistency of performance from unit to unit.


  • PC Board-to-board 
  • Module-to-module interconnectors 
  • Radar 
  • Active Antennas