TNC 50-ohm Impedance Connector Series

Delta Electronics
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Delta TNC connectors are compact, 50 ohm impedance connectors with 7/16-29 threaded coupling, similar in size to BNC connectors but with better electrical characteristics. They are best suited for use with cables in the range of .150" to .250" diameter, but are available for other cables from .090" to over .75" diameter. Many of our TNC connectors are available as MIL-PRF-39012 QPL versions.

Our extensive line of TNC receptacles includes configurations for virtually any packaging requirement and we can supply any adapter or accessory you need to complete your system design.


  • Heli-grip cable connectors for fast reliable assembly to flexsible cable without special tooling 
  • PressMount receptacles mount securely in a single round hole, saving space on your components and reducing your housing fabrication costs. 
  • Panel receptacles with flange sizes to match the same hole pattern as standard SMA or type N connectors, letting you drill one hole pattern and mount BNC, N, SMA, TNC or 7/16 series as needed. 
  • Polarized interfaces prevent mismating and meet FCC Part 15.203 requirements. 
  • Keying baskets and keyed plugs provide numerous polarizations in applications incorporating multiple connector pairs