DRA Series Automotive Inductor

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DRA series automotive-rated shielded inductor offers high power density and high efficiency with a storage/operating temperature range of -40ºC to +165ºC. The Coiltronics / Eaton Automotive Inductor provides mechanical secure mounting and features up to 56 AMPS with an inductance range from 0.28uH to 1000uH in five sizes. Ideal for high shock and vibration environments, the inductor is perfect for automotive under the hood/interior/exterior environments, as well as telematics, noise filtering, filter chokes and converters (DC-DC, buck, boost, forward, resonant).  


  • AEC-Q200 qualified
  • 165°C maximum total temperature operation
  • Magnetically shielded-reduces EMI
  • Ferrite core material
  • Inductance range from 0.28μH to 1000μH
  • Current range up to 56 amps
  • Rugged construction for high shock and vibration environments
  • Halogen free, lead free, RoHS compliant


  • Body electronics
  • Advanced driver assistance systems
  • Infotainment electronics
  • Chassis and safety electronics
  • Engine and powertrain systems