Photo Voltaic (PV) Solar Circuit Protection Solutions | Eaton


Overvoltage events are the leading cause of damage to PV installations. Protecting the system with a surge protective device will help eliminate damage and unnecessary downtime. Eaton's solar string protector and in-line fuse offering allows for flexibility in harness design at a competitive cost position. Eaton offers a complete portfolio of solar circuit protection solutions,allowing for comprehensive overcurrent and overvoltage protection and isolation anywhere in the PV installation (DC and AC applications). Solar products are available with ratings up to 1500Vdc with global certifications (including UL, CSA, IEC and CCC).


  • Voltage Rating — Per NEC®Table 690.7, if the system isrequired to operate below -40°C (-40°F), replace the 1.20 factor with 1.25
  • Amp Rating — Additional derating may be requiredwhen the fuse is installed in a high ambient temperatureenvironement. See individual fuse data sheets for derating cu yes.
  • Fuse protection is required in any PV system that is connected to a battery.


  • Solar inverters
  • Combiner boxes
  • Re-combiner boxes
  • Wire harnesses
  • Solar tracking systems
  • Commercial and utility solar installations