Power Inductors and Transformers (ECONO-PAC, OCTA-PAC, OCTA-P)

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OCTA-PAC’s are designed around high frequency, low loss core material. ECONO-PAC’s are a lower cost version of OCTA-PAC’s offering high saturation flux density, Powder Iron core material. OCTA-PAC PLUS’s offer higher current ratings and higher saturation flux densities than OCTA-PAC and ECONO-PAC, Amorphous metal core material.


  • Surface mount magnetics that can be used as single or coupled inductors or 1:1 transformers that provide isolation between two windings
  • Secure 4 Terminal Mounting
  • Inductor more versatile inductance combination by series or parallel connections


  • Computer and portable power devices
  • LCD panels, DVD players
  • Inductor: DC-DC converters
  • Buck, boost, forward, and resonant converters
  • Noise filtering and filter chokes
  • Transformers: 1:1 300Vdc isolation, flyback, sepic