Supercapacitors Energy Storage (XV Bussmann Series)

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The X Series Supercaps deliver a technology designed to last for an application’s life span. Ultra low ESR and high capacitance supply pulse power making other energy sources more efficient. The 20 year operating life and broad temperature range results in the lowest total cost of ownership for an energy device.

High Capacitance 300F and 400F versions of the XV Series provides long term power back-up and high peak current capability. Slower aging enables longer service life, operation at higher temperatures, or lower initial capacitance than competitors. The XV Series’ wide -40°C to +65°C (+85°C with voltage derating) operating temperature range is ideal for harsh industrial environment and field-based telecom applications. Ultra-Low Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) Ultra-Low ESR (as low as 3mΩ) increases the amount of power delivered to the load and ensures minimal voltage drop during peak current demand. And…compared to the competition, resistance increase with age is greatly reduced.


  • Over 10-Year Operating Life at Room Temperature
  • Ultra Low ESR for High Power and High Efficiency
  • Large Capacitance for High Energy Density
  • Long Cycle Life
  • UL Recognized


  • Hybrid Battery or Fuel Cell Systems
  • High Pulse Current Applications
  • UPS / Hold Up Power