XLR Supercapacitor

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XLR supercapacitor module provides energy storage for high power, high charge/discharge applications such as heavy equipment, marine and hybrid or electric powered public transportation. The XLR module can reduce battery size and weight or replace batteries altogether depending upon the load profile. This results in fuel savings, noise reduction and/or a more stable electrical system.


  • Ultra low ESR provides high efficiency, high power
  • Industry standard form factor for easy integration
  • High power density to optimize system size and low operating costs
  • Millions of charge/discharge cycles for life of application
  • No heavy metals, RoHS compliant, non-hazardous energy storage
  • Heavy duty metal housing for high vibration, high current applications
  • IP65 environmental rating for high dust areas and water jet washable


  • Hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Grid storage
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Marine