SIOV® Metal Oxide Varistors

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Despite its many benefits, one of the few drawbacks of semiconductor technology is the vulnerability of solid-state devices to overvoltages. Even voltage pulses of very low energy can produce interference and damage, sometimes with far-reaching consequences. So, as electronics makes its way into more and more applications, optimum overvoltage or transient suppression becomes a design factor of decisive importance.SIOV® varistors have proven to be excellent protective devices because of their application flexibility and high reliability. The metal oxide varistor, with its extremely attractive price/performance ratio, is an ideal component for limiting surge voltage and current as well as for absorbing energy. The EPCOS product range includes radial-leaded disks, block varistors and strap varistors for power distribution applications. Special types for automotive electrical systems and for telecom applications round off the product range.


  • Flexibility and High Reliability
  • Surge Limiting Voltage and Current
  • High Energy Absorbance


  • Industrial Controls
  • Telecommunications
  • Power Electronics
  • Power Engineering
  • Automotive Electrical Systems
  • Traffic Lighting
  • Medical Engineering
  • Data Systems
  • Stepped Protection
  • Entertainment Electronics