EPCOS Circuit Protection Overview


Go with a leader in circuit protection devices with EPCOS brand components from TDK Corporation. EPCOS offers one of the broadest product lines in the industry delivering high energy transient protection, ESD protection and thermal management. Circuit protection devices include metal oxide varistors (MOV), multilayer varistors (MLV), inrush current limiters (ICL), surge arrestors, PTC thermistors and NTC thermistors.


TDK-Metal-Oxide-Varistors-sm.jpg Metal Oxide Varistors (MOV)
EPCOS MOVs are primarily designed for use in AC Line Voltage applications requiring protection from surge and overvoltage conditions. EPCOS offers a broad portfolio of styles including: Leaded and SMD Disk varistors, Block varistors, and Strap varistors to cover a wide range of applications.

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Multilayer Varistor (MLV)
EPCOS brand Multilayer varistors are voltage-dependent resistors which protect susceptible circuitry from transient overvoltage by forming a low-resistance shunt when voltage increases above the threshold value. Multilayer varistors are ceramic based transient voltage suppressors. Main use: ESD and other transient protection.

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TDK-Inrush-Current-Limiters-sm.jpg Inrush Current Limiters (ICL)
The thermal properties of a Power NTC can be used to limit harmful switch-on currents of capacitive loads. EPCOS Inrush Current Limiters are safe and reliable protection for capacitive loads in switching circuits and for soft starting of inductive loads.

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TDK-Surge-Arrestors-sm.jpg Surge Arrestors
Surge Arrestors also known as Gas Discharge Tubes or Surge Voltage Protectors (SVPs), are hermetically sealed ceramic tubes consisting of two or three electrodes (one or two chambers) spaced by insulators and filled with a rare gas. EPCOS brand GDT cover a wide spectrum of protection and switching applications - from light to maximum duty, from standard devices to the most customized products. EPCOS is able to find the best match for the most diverse requirements. 

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TDK-PTC-Thermistors-sm.jpg PTC Thermistors
PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) thermistors are thermally sensitive semiconductor resistors which show an increase in resistance as temperature increases. PTC thermistors can act as “resettable fuses”. EPCOS brand offers a wide variety of PTC thermistors products for overcurrent protection, temperature limiting protection, and heater applications.

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TDK-NTC-Thermistors-sm.jpg NTC Thermistors
NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) thermistors are thermally sensitive semiconductor resistors which show a decrease in resistance as temperature increases. EPCOS brand NTC thermistors are simple, but very sensitive and accurate sensing elements for measuring and control temperature in circuits.

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