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DillBlox® Power Distribution Modules are designed to provide flexible, easy to configure electrical distribution panels. DillBlox® Power Modules have a unique interlocking edge and can be joined together using the dovetail wedge. The result is the creation of a strong, rigid panel assembly. Standard Modules are available to accept most plug-in devices that are widely used in over-the-road, off-road, construction, and agricultural vehicles. Custom designed modules can be provided at a reasonable cost for special applications. DillBlox® is providing solutions for Power Distribution, Circuit Protection and Terminal Protection.


  • Modular System featuring the Dill Edge on all modules 
  • High temperature plastics for extreme durability 
  • Exclusive DillBlox® secondary locks for terminals 
  • Matched thermal expansions for all structural items 
  • All DillBlox® panels for field serviceable and can be assembled without tools 
  • Enhanced performance fuse terminal 
  • Factory assembled panels can be customer printed 
  • Nylon modules 
  • Variety of mounting options


  • Fuses 
  • Circuit Breakers 
  • Automotive Relays 
  • Flashers 
  • Lights 
  • Power Taps 
  • Diodes 
  • Custom Components