D-Sub Mixed Layout

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The mixed layout series is designed that any FCT special contacts (75 and 50 Ohm coaxial contacts, high power contacts up to 40 A, high voltage contacts up to 3 kV and pneumatic contacts) can be installed in any of the contact arrangements we supply. Depending on your application, you can choose between solder pot, straight PCB or crimp terminations. Naturally we also supply insertion and removal tools for the crimp versions to ensure safe and reliable installation. Various platings can be manufactured. A comprehensive range of accessories like sealing plugs, guide pins, guide plates, hoods, spring locks and slide locks. Pin connectors are shielded with dimples.


• High abrasion resistance
• Very good corrosion resistance
• Low thermal contact resistance, very good contact characteristics
• Excellent solderability
• Even plating density
• RoHS compliant
• Non-magnetic on request