D-Sub Connectors

FCT's D-Sub connectors are available in all sizes for different applications.  All versions are available made of various materials and alloys.

Our D-Sub connectors are designed for universal use in many industries and are available in various combinations of materials and platings.
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This SMT connector is specifically designed for the application in fully automatized assembly and soldering processes.
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The THT connectors are specifically designed for use in fully automated assembly and soldering processes.
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Low Profile
These connectors appeal by their flat design and are available in the pin codes 9 to 25.
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Crimp connectors can be fitted in line with customer specifications and are equipped with removable contacts.
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D-Sub IDC Ribbon
IDC ribbon connectors are equipped with IDC contacts (Insulation Displacement Contact) for the connection with IDC ribbon cables.
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This compact dual-port connector is available in different layouts and installation heights.
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These waterproof connector systems are designed for operating conditions according to IP67.  Standard, mixed layout and high density available.
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Right Angled Adapter
The right angled adapter has excellent shielding properties and is eminently well suited whenever space is limited.
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