RF Multiport D-Sub Style Configuration

FCT Electronics

FCT Electronics 50Ω 16W16 product line was de-signed with Medical Magnetic Resonance applications in mind. The product has already enjoyed great success in this field, but today, FCT is making the product avail-able to other markets and applications. With 16 RF Channels, the product can be terminated Cable to Cable or Cable to PCB. The range also includes coding options to allow multiple ports with specific channel configuration. The PCB Connector is available as a right-angle socket configuration and is plated with a non-magnetic, non tarnishing Tri-Metal finish. The connector benefits from having a continuous ground and single piece swept right angled contacts that produce excellent VSWR performance.Cabled connectors are available in either male or female straight configurations with the female version having a fully plastic housing to eliminate ground loops if used in conjunction with the PCB connector. The product family is fully supported with all the standard hardware options available within FCT’s D-Sub range of connectors including Plastic and Metal Hoods. FCT continues to add options to the range. Today RG178 is the common cable of choice, however RG316 versions are also available.