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Here various metal hoods are illustrated, which are especially suitable for rugged conditions of use, ranging from versions with a spacious interior to low profile hoods for limited height.


FMK Angled Cable Outlet
Here you see the full metal hood of the FMK series illustrated. This hood has a 45° angled cable outlet and a spacious interior.

FMK Straight Cable Outlet
This is a full metal hood of the FMK series which has a spacious interior and a straight cable outlet.

FMK Large Version
This FMK full metal hood with an angled cable Excels with its particularly spacious interior.

FMK Right Angled
Here is illustrated a rugged full metal hood of the FMK series with large inner chamber and a rectangular cable outlet.

FMK2G7 Multiple Connections
The FMK2G7 full metal hood allows multiple connections of electrically unsymmetrical cables to a connector.

FMK4NM Non Magnetic
The FMK4NM full metal hood is non-magnetic and thus prevents interference from electromagnetic radiation.