Plastic Hoods Family Overview

Plastic and plastic-metallized hoods are designed with a straight as well as with an angled cable outlet.

FKC Series
Hood series with straight or right angled cable outlet, partly in shielded version (metallized), large inner chamber.
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FPHGR Series
The FPHGR range is characterized by its flat design and is available with straight and/or lateral cable outlet.
 See FPHGR Straight Cable Outlet Datasheet See FPHGR Right Angled Cable Outlet Datasheet

FKH Straight Cable Outlet
The FKH hood range is equipped with a straight cable outlet and is particularly easy to assemble by locking the halves of the hood.
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FWH Waterproof
The hoods of the waterproof FWH range have a straight cable outlet and a spacious interior.
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FWA Waterproof
The waterproof FWA hoods are characterized by their low profile and straight cable outlet. Non-waterproof connections can easily be sealed.
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FKS Right Angled
The main assets of the FKS hood range are the very low profile and the rectangular cable outlet along with a spacious interior.
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FPHF IDC-Connectors
The hoods of our FPHF range for flat ribbon cables are characterized by a straight cable outlet, a low profile along with a spacious interior.
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F-PH Series
The F-PH hood is a one-piece plastic hood that can be used with a slide locking element.
  See F-PHR R/A cable outlet Datasheet See PHG straight cable outlet Datasheet

FAH Adapter Hood
The FAH hood has a spacious interior and can not only be used as an adapter but also as a hood.
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F1069 Adapter Hood
The F1069 hoods can be used as adapter and are characterized by an especially spacious interior.
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The hoods of the FKE range offer safe ESD protection (electrostatic discharge), a spacious interior and can easily be mounted and dismounted.
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The hoods of the FDH series with their low installation depth are especially suited for the use with closely spaced connectors.
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FBUSC Bus Hood
The FBUSN bus hood can be used both as node version as well as termination, has a resilient strain relief and is easy to install.
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