MIL-DTL-38999 Type Fiber Optic Connectors


Glenair MIL-DTL-38999-type fiber optic system connectors carry digitized video, voice and data in military and defense applications. Glenair connectors are commonly used in tactical communication environments where the need to deliver ever larger amounts of information at faster speeds is the impetus behind a wide range of retrofit and new fiber optic programs. Glenair's full-spectrum Mil-DTL-38999 tactical fiber optic solution includes custom single and multi-channel ruggedized connectors, backshells, and MIL-T-29504 qualified termini. Glenair's precision engineered family of fiber optic products are being used in military attack aircraft, in high-speed magnetic levitation trains, in scientific laboratory hardware, in computerized industrial equipment as well as in hundreds of other safety-critical and tactical communication applications.


  • Advanced MIL-DTL-38999 type fiber optic connectors
  • MIL-T-29504 QPL’d fiber optic termini
  • Precision machined shells
  • Low dB loss system
  • Single and multimode
  • Rear release termini


  • Military Attack Aircraft
  • High-Speed Magnetic Levitation Trains
  • Scientific Laboratory Hardware
  • Computerized Industrial Equipment
  • Secure Tactical Communications Systems
  • Safety-Critical Systems