ITS Series Reverse Bayonet Connectors


TTI offers a broad range of qualified Glenair connectors for industrial, rail, mass-transit and harsh environment military applications. Many of the Glenair connector products, backshells and accessories comply with the MIL-C-5015 specification, which includes hundreds of versatile power and signal insert arrangements. Glenair's addition of reverse bayonet coupling to these robust MIL-C-5015 type connectors improves their reliability and mating performance in rugged, vibration and shock applications. TTI is also able to offer many of these same Glenair connector families qualified to NATO and VG standards including VG95234 and VG95328. Glenair specialty application connectors, such as the popular VG qualified CB connector for radio and audio applications are also available through TTI from Glenair.


  • MIL-C-5015 Type Connectors
  • Qualified to NATO and VG Standards
  • IT Series Feature up to 150 Contacts
  • Contact Sizes 20 awg to 4/0 awg Available
  • Wide Range of Backshells and Accessories
  • Reverse Bayonet Coupling for Improved Reliability
  • Over 200 Power and Signal Insert Arrangements


  • Rugged Vibration and Shock Applications
  • Extreme Environmental Applications
  • Rail, Military and Heavy Industrial Applications