Micro-D TwistPin Connectors


The Glenair Micro-D TwistPin Connector offers uncompromised performance in a microminiature package. The Glenair M83513 products are fully intermatable with Cannon MDM connectors. The Micro-D TwistPin connectors are suitable for applications requiring reduced size and weight, while still maintaining high performance. These MIL-DTL-83513, BS9523F0002 and BS9524F0013 connectors from Glenair are approved products that serve in missile systems, avionics, battlefield gear, radar and other demanding military and commercial applications. Glenair's Micro-D TwistPin connectors are equipped with a unique TwistPin contact system, thus the TwistPin name. Not only is the Glenair TwistPin more rugged than a stamped pin, it also provides a superior wire attachment, which translates to lower contact resistance. The TwistPin's sleeve allows a gas-tight crimp, ensuring excellent tensile strength and low circuit resistance. The development of the TwistPin contact from Glenair has allowed a wide range of commercial and military customers to design extremely small interconnect wiring systems with no compromise in performance.


  • Glenair M38531 TwistPin connectors are intermateable with Cannon MDM connectors
  • MIL-DTL-83513, BS9523F0002 and BS9524F0013 approved
  • Superior TwistPin contact system
  • Superior wire attachment, lower contact resistance
  • Gas-Tight crimp ensures tensile strength and low circuit resistance
  • Enables extremely small interconnect systems with no compromise in performance
  • TwistPin connectors meet stringent British standards 9523 and 9524


  • Designed for Applications Requiring Reduced Size and Weight
  • Missile Systems, Avionics and Radar
  • Battlefield Gear and other Demanding Military and Commercial Applications
  • Downhole and Well Logging Applications
  • Communications, Command and Control