Need the Ultimate Secure Connection? Gotta Get a Gecko!


Gecko Screw-Lok System from Harwin – secure, space-saving, ideal for harsh environments. A brand new evolution of the award-winning Gecko 1.25mm pitch connector series, the Gecko Screw-Lok Series features ruggedized screw fixings for increased security that can withstand repeated mating cycles without damage. Up to 45% smaller than Micro-D connectors and up to 75% lighter, Gecko-SL connectors feature Harwin’s patented single piece 4-finger beryllium copper female contact – the heart of the Gecko product family – able to withstand high-vibration, shock and extreme temperatures, ensuring optimum electrical performance and durability under harsh conditions.

•   Increased Security
•   Space and Weight Savings
•   Design Flexibility

Hand Crimp Tool


Insertion/Removal Tool


Slotted Screwdriver for
Board-mounted nuts