Harwin’s One Piece, No Shell, 3-Point Contact Socket

The SYCAMORE Contact – A Reliable, Durable, and Flexible SMT Solution

SYCAMORE Contact is the ultra-reliable, durable three-point SMT contact for high volume, advanced automated assembly. Supplied in a single-part SMT socket design featuring a low profile of only 0.3mm above the PCB. Available in top and bottom entry versions that accept between 0.8mm to 1.3mm and 1.5mm to 1.9mm diameter pins, and is open-ended, so mating pin depth is not limited.

  • Ready for Automated Assembly with Tape and Reel Packaging
  • Perfect for Field-replaceable Modules Such as Sensors
  • Temperature Sensitive Components can be Added after Soldering

Ready for Auto-placement

All SYCAMORE contacts are available in tape and reel packaging ready for automated assembly. The SMT placement feet provide the pickup areas on either side of the product. Pack size is 1400 contacts per reel, surface mount PCB sockets.

SYCAMORE Contact Specifications

Current Rating: 6A Max
Contact Resistance: 15Ω Max
Durability (Minimun Mating Cycles): 500
Temperature Range: -50 ˚C to +125 ˚C
Solder Heat Resistance: 260 ˚C for 10 Seconds


There are many electronics devices and modules that are replaceable – by soldering these products directly to the PCB, the life of the board is limited. By using a PCB socket for the board connections, the product becomes fully repairable. In some cases, a device may be too temperature sensitive – the use of a PCB socket can eliminate the soldering temperature exposure. SMT PCB sockets are ideal for odd-form components, which do not fit in a regularly-spaced socket strip. As individual connections, they can also provide connectivity when just one signal or power connection is required.

Previous designs of SMT contacts have only included 2 points of contact to the mating pin, making them potentially vulnerable to vibration. The SYCAMORE Contact patent-pending design incorporates 3 points of contact for improved continuous signal integrity. Sockets are also manufactured from Beryllium Copper for increased temperature range and increased durability (number of mating cycles), and gold-plated for improved wear resistance.