Gecko Screw-Lok Connectors

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Harwin's Gecko range has now been expanded to include the much-anticipated screw fixings variations, known as Gecko Screw-Lok (or Gecko-SL). Developed to meet customer demand, the new Gecko Screw-Lok series features ruggedised screw fixings for increased security and can withstand repeated mating cycles without damage. Up to 45% smaller than Micro-D connectors and up to 75% lighter, Gecko-SL delivers high reliability with a smaller footprint and increased flexibility for design engineers.

Gecko-SL connectors feature Harwin's patented single piece 4-finger beryllium copper female contact - the heart of the whole Gecko product family - and withstand high vibration, shock and extremes of temperature ensuring optimum electrical performance and durability under harsh conditions.  Robust stainless steel fixing hardware provides corrosion resistance against salt spray and humidity.  Gecko-SL connectors have captive screws with Hex Socket heads to prevent slipping during assembly and a "mate before lock" feature for fast assembly and increased usability. Strain relief is ensured through board mount fixings. Further features include identification of the No 1 position for fast visual inspection.  Gecko-SL connectors are available in female and male vertical through-hole and surface-mount variants.

Gecko-SL contacts are rated to 2.8A individually, 2.0A for all contacts simultaneously.  Able to withstand 1,000 mating cycles, they are ideal for long life or "fit and forget" applications, in operational temperatures of -65degC to +150degC. Gecko-SL connectors are rated to withstand 20g vibration and Z axis 100g 6m/s shock, with no discontinuity greater than 1µs, Z axis 100g. Gecko-SL connectors are manufactured from environmentally-friendly materials and are lead, phosphate and halogen free.

Shielded options with machined aluminium backshells are available to deliver enhanced electrical continuity and effective EMI/RFI shielding in affected applications.  The backshells are designed to accommodate flexible metal braiding and are strong and lightweight.  Flexible cabling options include complete cable harnesses in customised lengths, loose mouldings and pre-crimped wires and loose mouldings and crimp contacts.


  • Up to 45% smaller than Micro-D connectors (see the image below), and up to 75% lighter.·         
  • All cable housings can be fitted with the optional Metal Backshells, for additional protection and shielding - shell kits include a tie-band for the fixing of an external braid.·        
  • Mechanical hold-down available on the male through-board connectors (choice of slotted or hexagonal nuts available separately).·         
  • All screw fixings are "Mate-before-Lok", giving a fast and easy method of fully mating the connectors before the screws need to be engaged.·        
  • Compact pin spacing of 1.25mm pitch.·         
  • 2A per contact (all contacts electrically loaded at 25°C).·        
  • Resists Vibration (10Hz to 2000Hz, 20G), Shock and Acceleration (both 50G).·         
  • Gecko-SL board connectors are available on tape and reel packaging for automated assembly processing.