PC/104 and PC/104 Plus Connectors

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Available from Harwin is a 2.54mm pitch PC/104 compatible range of bus connectors for embedded PC applications, designed for stacking boards with a common bus. The devices meet industry standards for embedded PCs, have a maximum 3A current rating, and a press-fit tail option enables solder-free attachment.

Configured as 32+32 ways, the connector supports 8 bit systems; while a 20+20 way device combined with the 32 + 32 way offering supports 16 bit systems. With the addition of the 2mm PC/104 Pluc connectors, the system becomes PCI Bus compatible. Connectors are available with traditional solder tails carrying a maximum 3A current, or with press-fit tail and a 2A maximum rating.

Components are produced in stack-through and non stack-through versions; the stack-through option allows many modules to be stacked without the need for multiple connector types.

Over the past decade, the PC architecture has become an accepted platform for far more than desktop applications. New PC/104 industry standard connectors can be employed in numerous markets such as Consumer Electronics, Test & Measurement, Industrial Controls, Medical, Computing and Automotive.


  • Meet standards for embedded PC applications
  • Allow rework on the board by pressing the connector in a reverse process to allow insertion of a replacement connector
  • PC/104 version is available in 40 and 64 positions and the PC/104-Plus is available in 120 positions
  • Available for stackthrough and non-stackthrough connections
  • Shrouds available for PC/104-Plus version
  • Current rating of 2.0A per pin
  • Initial contact resistance is 30 Mohms
  • Operating temperature between -55°C and +105°C


  • Consumer Electronics
  • Test & Measurement
  • Industrial Controls
  • Medical
  • Computing
  • Automotive