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Harwin PCB sockets offer a range of sockets designed for robustness and reliability. Suitable for use with round pins with diameter 0.5mm, 0.8mm, 1.00mm and 2.00mm. Rated up to 20A, -55 to +125 degrees C. These sockets utilize the same High Reliability 4 finger Beryllium Copper Contact as the Datamate Range. Uses a 6 finger contact for 2mm sockets. The socket design is a two-part construction comprising of a contact clip retained in a precision outer shell. Carrier Combs available for 0.5mm sockets and external knurled shells for added retention available on 0.8mm and 1.00mm.


  • High reliability contacts
  • Proven history in high-end industrial and mil/aero applications
  • Gives added flexibility of custom board layouts
  • Suited for use in environments where high vibration, shock and extremes of temperature are a consideration