EZ-BoardWare RFI Shield Cans

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To complement the range of EZ-Shield Clips already available from Harwin, three sizes of Shield Can have been added to the EZ-BoardWare range:

  • 30mm x 20mm, 5mm high, 0.3mm thick.
  • 30mm x 30mm, 5mm high, 0.3mm thick.
  • 50mm x 25mm, 5mm high, 0.3mm thick.

These Shield Cans are designed to work with the Midi Shield clips, S1711-46R and S2711-46R.

These cans are mounted by simply pushing them into the SMT clips. Installation costs are minimized since there is no secondary processing required – assembly takes seconds. They can be easily removed for inspection/repair/rework, with no fear of damage to the PCB. The clips ensure secure can retention, resistant to shock and vibration.

The mechanically-robust, simple five sided box design saves cost when compared to fence and cover styles. Cans are produced from Nickel Silver to ensure good screening.

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  • Suitable for use with the Midi Shield clips
  • Provides excellent RFI and EMI protection to sensitive circuitry at the PCB level
  • Standard can sizes available from stock


  • Telecoms base stations
  • Radio communications
  • Data processing
  • In–car entertainment/information systems