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Harwin's range of hi-rel connector systems are complimented by standard 8, 12 and 16 way versions of its rugged HotShoe connector technology. This system enables rapid and simple connection, yet tolerates mating misalignment and resists dust, water, and chemical ingress to IP68 at 1.5m depth for 2 hours (both mated and unmated). HotShoe connectors employ spring loaded contacts, which maintain a positive contact force against the mating half of the connector, ensuring reliable connection even under the most demanding conditions.

Fabricated using highly durable plastics, the connectors are designed to be mounted behind panels, and offer solder cup or PC Tail contacts. HotShoe connectors are very robust, ensuring continued reliability throughout a product's entire lifecycle, whether on the combat arena or in less harsh environments. These standard HotShoe connectors are also suitable for use in portable equipment where separate battery modules are used, for data transfer docking stations, and for battery charging and data communications equipment. Other applications include thermal imaging cameras, in-vehicle detachable equipment, and hand held scanners.

Previously, HotShoe technology connectors have only been available as custom designs, and the 8, 12 and 16 way versions that are now available as standard products are based on designs that have proved most popular in the past.


  • Constructed using spring loaded contacts, maintaining a positive force against the mating connector
  • Low mating force enables rapid and effortless connection for a user-friendly connection system
  • Rugged and robust, made from highly durable mold materials and designed to withstand a high level of dust, water and chemical agent ingress to IP68 – ensuring continued reliability throughout the product’s lifecycle
  • Tolerant to mating misalignment
  • Ideal for use in portable equipment where separate battery modules are used, and for data transfer docking stations


  • Military radio systems
  • Thermal imaging cameras
  • Hand-held scanners
  • Docking stations
  • Hand-held commercial radios
  • Portable datacomm equipment
  • Powerboat gantry connection system


  • Datasheet (PDF)