Lithium Coin Cell Battery Holders

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Designed for memory back-up and stand-by applications, permitting quick and easy coin cell installation and replacement, eliminating the need to use solder on coin cells batteries. Customers now have a reliable, “no tools required” method for the installation and changing of cells.


  • A range of SMT and through-hole battery holders that provide secure cell retention and easy removal of the cell if required.
  • Both single piece and insulated ranges suit 12.0mm, 12.5mm and 20.0mm diameter batteries.
  • Single-Piece Battery Holders
    • Tin plated Phosphor Bronze material
    • EIA tape & reel packaging complies with ANSI/EIA481 standard
  • Insulated Battery Holders
    • High-Temp plastics for RoHS solder process compliance
    • EIA tape & reel packaging for all SMT components complies with ANSI/EIA481 standard
    • Through-board holders packaged in trays


• Panasonic, Sanyo, Varta, Toshiba, IEC and other major battery manufacturers
• Computer memory, power transfer and back-up systems
• Video and telecommunications power back-up
• Notebook and Tablet PC
• Emergency power systems
• Industrial and commercial security and alarm systems
• Communications power sources