Datamate High Power Contacts

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Responding to industry demand Harwin has created new Datamate High Current Contacts, offering high current rating in a compact space. These new contacts double the current rating of the Mix-Tek power contacts available from 20A-40A nominally.

High power at high temperatures

Able to operate over a wide temperature range, up to +150degC (with derating). The High Power Contacts also provide high performance levels in harsh environments, such as shock and vibration.

Gold plated for high durability

The High Current contacts are suited for any high temperature environment where high current and power are required. Suitable for aerospace applications, the new contacts are also gold plated to 30 microinches (0.76µm) to offer high durability.

Part of the Datamate Mix-Tek family

The mixed technology connectors featuring, the new high current contacts have been added to the range as standard products. The Mix-Tek off-the-shelf series also includes certain popular 3A signal, 20A power and 50Ω coax variations.


• 40A Nominally
• Gold plated to 30u” (0.76um) for Aerospace applications
• Suitable for use with 10awg MIL-W-16878/4 (Type E) and NEMA HP-3 Type E wire
• Standard off-the-shelf versions of the popular Datamate Mix-Tek range
• Fully RoHS compliant and ideal for COTS requirements


• Aircraft flap actuators
• Avionics rotary & linear actuators
• Aircraft Wiper motor control
• Auto pilot control
• Radar and weapons systems
• Industrial machine control
• Any application where a high current is used particularly at high temperatures.