EZ-Removable Jumper Links

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Harwin presents an easy means of connecting LED arrays together, simply and effectively removing any need for post-assembly soldering operations, and facilitating rework both in the factory and in the field.

Part of the EZ-BoardWare range, the new Removable Link system comprises Surface Mount clips and removable linking bars. The clips are provided in tape and reel packaging for automated placement, 10K per reel. Bars are bulk-packed in 5K bags for the electrical connection between the clips. The complete system provides secure retention for the linking bars, whilst allowing them to be speedily removed and replaced if a failed LED array or panel requires replacement. The clips are available in both Vertical and Horizontal orientations.


  • Simple & effective method for connecting across LED arrays and PCBs
  • Vertical and horizontal configurations available
  • Connecting bars available in two lengths
  • SMT clips packaged in Tape & Reel to suit automated placement
  • Allows easy replacement of defective arrays and PCBs without the need to de-solder
  • SMT clips and bars ordered separately


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