M300 High Reliability Connectors

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The M300 connector series is a range of 3mm pitch male and female rectangular, fully shrouded, unsealed connectors. The range covers 3-contact Single Row and 6-contact Double Row connectors, capable of board-to-board, cable-to-board and cable-to-cable configurations. All female connectors are scoop-proof, and available in Cable and Vertical PC Tail versions. Male connectors use 01mm contacts to achieve up to 10A per contact, and are available in Cable and Vertical PC Tail versions.

The connectors are gold plated for high performance and long service life, with a hard acid gold at 98% purity. Cable contacts are barrel-crimp style, and are replaceable in the housing. The cable housings have a low-profile potting wall to allow for back-potting - this provides additional strain relief and some sealing.

The M300 connectors are designed as a 5-10A Power connector for High-Reliability applications. Connector housings are fitted with jackscrews for secure interconnection.


• Keyway polarization
• Jackscrews for security of connection
• No. 1 position identified
• Features a potting wall
• Pb free, BR free and Phos free
• Excellent outgassing performance


• Aerospace
• Harsh Environment