Sycamore Contact SMT PCB

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The SYCAMORE Contact is a single-piece, SMT socket contact. It is designed for direct assembly to the PCB, using two terminals to balance on the PCB and for the rest of the contact to sit in a hole in the PCB. The design eliminates the outer shell typical on existing two-piece PCB sockets, and adds the flexibility of Tape and Reel packaging for automated assembly. It improves on existing SMT sockets by including 3 points of contact for ensuring signal continuity, and improved material choice for durability.


  • Surface Mount, Low Profile
  • 3 points of contact for enhanced reliability.
  • SMT product is pick and place-able using standard assembly machines.
  • Beryllium Copper base material for enhanced temperature range of -50°C to +125°C.
  • Gold plating for improved durability and decreased wear.


  • Fire and security
  • Gas detection
  • Home automation
  • Modular systems
  • Handheld equipment