Helawrap Cable Management System

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Helawrap is the flexible and complete solution for bundling, protecting and securing cables and wires in industrial, datacom and electrical applications. Material options include both rugged Polypropylene (PP) and flame retardant Polyamide 6 V0 (PA6V0). Helawrap bases and clips are specifically designed to organize Helawrap sleeving, which can be affixed effectively anywhere. An installation tool is available for quick and effortless assembly over long cable lengths.

The Helawrap applicator tool enables the end user to bundle cable rapidly and effortlessly. The applicator tool has been optimized to glide smoothly through the sleeving and allows easy insertion of cable into the Helawrap sleeving. The unique design also allows individual cables to be removed from the applicator tool and branched off through the sleeve opening. A tool is included with every Helawrap package.


  • Unique open design
  • Ovewrap formation
  • Flexible construction and design
  • Innovative split shape
  • Specially-designed swivel clips



  • Automotive
  • Electrical
  • Industrial automation 
  • Manufacturing