High Density Slotted Duct

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High density slotted wall duct comes with narrow fingers, equaling a 2-to-1 finger ratio compared to standard slotted wiring duct. Narrow fingers reduce fanning of the wires to the terminal blocks. Compact designs and components are more easily accommodated with the high density duct’s 2-to-1 finger ratio. High density duct also incorporates the double scored design, similar to the standard slotted wall duct.

With sizes 2” high and above, high density duct features a double restriction on each finger of the duct. The double restriction helps retain wires in the bottom portion of the duct for easier installation. Mounting holes are uniform in size to the solid and slotted wall duct but are offered every 2 inches to accommodate compact designs and installations.



  • Cover supplied with a film
  • Smooth edges
  • No cover slippage
  • Mounting holes
  • Enhanced wire capacity
  • Interchangeable covers


  • Electrical
  • Automotive Industry