Ratchet P-Clamp

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The Ratchet P-Clamp family offers versatility when managing wires, cables and hoses. The robust design and durable materials make it ideal for heavy duty applications, both indoors and out. The one-piece adjustable clamp can be closed by hand to the desired diameter. The release feature provides easy and nondestructive removal of cables simply by using a flat-head screwdriver. This nondestructive release allows the clamp to be reused without removing or replacing any bolts or screws. The Ratchet P-Clamp is offered in four sizes and multiple mounting configurations.


  • One-piece ratchet closure design
  • Integrated cable tie saddle
  • Screwdriver release
  • Tension tabs
  • Mounting plates
  • High grade steel mounting plate
  • Interior rib design
  • Contoured clamp interior design
  • Impact modified, heat and UV stabilized



  • Automotive
  • Off-road commerical vehicles
  • Solar Panels
  • White Goods