Slotted Wall Duct

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Slotted wall duct features break-away fingers which provide additional access for wire leads. Slotted wall duct is manufactured with two continuous score lines. The first score line is at the base of the finger, allowing the finger to be bent and broken away when a greater opening is required. The second score line is lower allowing a section of the sidewall to be easily removed by cutting the sidewall down to the lower score line. Use HellermannTyton’s TDNT notching tool and snap out the desired section. Both score lines provide smooth edges to ensure worker safety.

Strong fingers prevent unwanted breaking. The fingers are easily deflected outward, allowing ready positioning of the wires within the slotted wall duct. Restricted opening design in the finger of the duct helps keep wires in place.
Restriction also prevents unintended removal of wires and permits any individual wire to be traced without disconnection.


  • Cover supplied with a film
  • Smooth edges
  • No cover slippage
  • Mounting holes
  • Enhanced wire capacity
  • Interchangeable covers


  • Electrical
  • Automotive industry