Silicon Low Pressure Sensor 24PC/26PC SMT Series

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The 24PC/246C SMT (Surface Mount Technology) Series pressure sensor is a small, low cost, high value, pressure sensing solution for use with printed circuit boards (PCBs). Based on the long established reliability and accuracy of the 24PC and 26PC pressure sensor, the 24PC and 26PC SMT offers reduced size with true SMT capability. The smaller size reduces the sensor's footprint on the PCB, thereby reducing the size of the PCB. The 24PC and 26PC SMT is designed to be used with other SMT components on the PCB, helping to lower installation costs and eliminate secondary operations.

The sensor features Wheatstone bridge construction, silicon piezoresistive technology, and ratiometric output for proven application flexibility, design simplicity and ease of manufacture.

Although designed for the medical industry, the 20PC SMT pressure sensor may be applied in almost any application/industry that requires a surface mount pressure sensor.


  • Alignment pins for position accuracy
  • Small package size (less than one half the size of the 26PC) and compact surface mount profile
  • 3,18 mm [0.125 in] diameter pick-up feature for use in pick and place machines
  • Maximum peak reflow temperature of 260 °C [500 °F]
  • Gage, vacuum gage, differential gage, wet/wet differential sensing available in one package
  • True wet/wet differential sensing
  • Proven elastomeric interconnections of the 20PC family
  • Temperature compensation
  • End point calibration
  • Sensor consists of only five components
  • Elastomeric construction
  • RoHS Compliant


  • Medical Equipment
  • Environmental applications
  • Industrial applications