6 Degrees of Freedom Inertial Measurement Unit - 6-D Motion Variant

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Honeywell’s 6DF (six degrees of freedom) Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), 6-D Motion Variant, is designed to provide six dimensional motion sensing from a single device over six degrees of freedom by sensing translational movement in three perpendicular axes (surge, heave, sway) and rotational movement about three perpendicular axes (roll, pitch, yaw). Because the movement and rotation along the three axes are independent of each other, such motion is said to have "six degrees of freedom" or 6DF


  • Aluminum housing protects device from damage due to stones, dust, dirt, pressure washing, and humidity, allowing for use in harsh and outdoor environments
  • Corrosion-resistance minimizes susceptibility to deterioration
  • Compatible with chemicals such as diesel fuel, hydraulic oil, gas/ethylene glycol, brake fluids, urea, liquid lime, NPK fertilizer, ammonia hydroxide, and alkaline degreasers
  • IP67 and IP69k ratings provide resistance to weather
  • Wide operating temperature range withstands most thermal extremes, preventing package breakage
  • EMI (electromagnetic interference) and EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) rating protects device from environmental radio frequencies
  • Reduces replacement/downtime due to broken parts, temp incompatibilities, EMC and EMI, and exposure to chemicals


  • Farming equipment
  • Construction equipment
  • Mining conveyors
  • Robotics
  • Shaker tables
  • Military ground vehicles UAVs
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles