MICRO SWITCH™ Premium Large Basic Switch BZ/BA Series

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MICRO SWITCH™ standard basic switches are precision snap-action mechanisms enclosed in accurately molded plastic cases. These switches are carefully manufactured and thoroughly inspected. They are industry known for their compactness, light weight, accurate repeatability and long life. The type BZ switch design meets most applications needs. Modifications of the standard silver contact design and material, spring configuration, and plunger locations give the type BM, BA and BE switches greater electrical load handling capacity. Other changes in materials and switch design provide operating characteristics, temperature tolerances, and sealing to cover a wide range of special requirements.

MICRO SWITCH™ BZ/BA Series standard basic switches are used for simple or precision on/off application needs.


  • Accepted as the world-wide standard snap-action switch 
  • Low operating force and differential travel 
  • Extended mechanical life up to 20M cycles at 95% survival 
  • Enlongated mounting hole for easier, more accurate mounting 
  • Current ratings from 15 A to 25 A 
  • Choice of actuation, termination and operating characteristics 
  • UL/CSA, CE, ENEC approvals


  • Irrigation systems 
  • Semi-trailer trucks 
  • Timing devices 
  • Office equipment 
  • Test instruments 
  • Medical/dental equipment 
  • HVAC equipment 
  • Manually operated devices 
  • Valves